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Thursday, November 5, 2009

The definition of cool

Cool is knowing what you like and confidently expressing your understanding of it. You can be cool while standing butt-naked in a crowded elevator. You can be cool crouched in a dark alley, concealed from a machete wielding serial killer. The secret to achieving coolness lies in your state of mind.

I've always believed that my cool came from observation and education. Whenever I witnessed someone be it on TV or in real life deal with a tough situation, I learned from their response. When I read books, I seek out philosophical undertones that are always in line with coolness. My basic beliefs are similar to those espoused by Greek philosopher, Epictetus.

Of all existing things some are in our power, and others are not in our power. In our power are thought, impulse, will to get and will to avoid, and, in a word, everything which is our own doing. Things not in our power include the body, property, reputation, office, and, in a word, everything which is not our own doing. Things in our power are by nature free, unhindered, untrammeled; things not in our power are weak, servile, subject to hindrance, dependent on others. Remember then that if you imagine that what is naturally slavish is free, and what is naturally another’s is your own, you will be hampered, you will mourn, you will be put to confusion, you will blame gods and men; but if you think that only your own belongs to you, and that what is another’s is indeed another’s, no one will ever put compulsion or hindrance on you, you will blame none, you will accuse none, you will do nothing against your will, no one will harm you, you will have no enemy, for no harm can touch you. Epictetus, Enchiridion, 1

Try it and let me know how it works.



Tyler said...

It's all about your frame of mind. I have a very similar thought process. If a girl sarcastically complements your fur sweatshirt, and you don't give a fuck because you know you're cool and you know you can pull off anything....you could easily take that as a compliment and change the dynamics of that whole conversation. You control you're frame no matter what is going on around you...that's what makes you cool...

Dick Goodnuts said...

Thanks for the response.
You got it. It's sometimes hard to maintain since we live in a soft society where everyone's feelings are so easily hurt. We tip toe around fearing that we'll offend someone. Coolness ain't easy! That's why people will always seek it.