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Friday, August 14, 2009

Open letter to Michael Vick

First off, welcome back to the public spotlight. We heard you express remorse today. We saw the pain and embarrassment in your eyes. The climb back to normalcy is going to be very hard, its next to impossible. You'll have some major physical pain while you push your body to limits that you've not experienced in many years. The naysayers will mock, chide and curse you. But do you know who has the final say in wheter you will or will not be able to acheive a successful comeback? No man, no woman, only God. Only through the power of the Lord's mercy and grace can your story be re-written. That's the beauty of mercy, it can't be stopped by humans. Michael Vick, your steps have been ordered--- you only have to follow the Lord's will.

Press forward young brother.


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