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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Washington D.C.

May not have the glitter or the glamour of L.A.
May not have the history or the intrigue of Pompeii
But when it comes to making music, and sure enough making news
People who just don’t make sense and people making do
Seems a ball of contradictions, pulling different ways
Between the folks who come and go, and one’s who’ve got to stay
It’s a mass of irony for all the world to see
It’s the nation’s capital, it’s Washington D.C.
-Gil Scott-Heron “Washington D.C.”

Since the election of the nation’s 1st black president, D.C. has turned an already popular tourist destination into the ‘it’ place to be seen. Recently, I spent some time dipping and dodging, slipping and sliding through one of my favorite cities and thought I’d share some dope spots that are often filled with power-players for anyone looking to raise their own social status.

I’ve loved Georgetown since the days of Hoya Paranoia. Located in the northwest corner of the city, it’s slightly beyond the reach of the Metro and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
My favorite place to recharge the batteries and relax is the Park Hyatt in the West End Georgetown neighborhood, not too far from the Four Seasons----my breakfast spot of choice. Also located nearby are most of my other eateries; Blue Duck Tavern, Georgetown cupcake, Georgetown café (24 hrs), Café Milano, Marcel’s and J Paul’s.

K Street corridor (14th and K)
By day this is known as a bustling hub for lobbyists and D.C. powerbrokers. By night this is also where they play---hard. On a typical night out you are guaranteed to rub elbows with celebrities and heavy-hitters if you hit up some of the many dope clubs, lounges and bars in the area such as Josephine, The Park, kstreet lounge, Lima and Lotus Lounge…all within walking distance of each other. Also, make sure you grab a meal at Georgia Brown’s or go to Lima and venture upstairs to the restaurant for their excellent latin inspired dishes.

Connecticut Avenue/Dupont
Head uptown and you’ll find a few dope spots that at times are hit and miss but offer a cool spot to chill or dance a bit. You’ve got Andalu, 18th street lounge, café Citron, Current, 1223, Steve’s Bar Room, Ozio’z lounge and Fly Lounge. For the record I’ve upped my kill score to crazy numbers at Andalu, a great spot to slay drunken GW and G’town bunnies!

Shaw (U Street)
Finally I’ll take you to the area once known as ‘black broadway’. Republic, Marvin’s and bar Nun are dope, but be sure you hit up bar Nun on the correct night…the freaks come out only on specific nights. This is also where you can satisfy your craving for Ethiopian women as Dukem Market and Restaurant are located closeby. By now the whole world knows about Ben’s Chilli Bowl, thanks to the POTUS but it’s still worth waiting in the long lines for a chilli cheese half-smoke!

Sleep less, life is what you make it.

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