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Thursday, July 23, 2009

How to seduce a woman Vol.1

I'm out of the game. I've hung up my P.O.L.O. hat; well kind of...my game is still trump tight. But while I am no longer a single man, I still know how to seduce the one and only lady in my life. Here's a tip for you guys out there trying to figure out how to get a lady in the mood for sex.
Music - You've got to create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and sexual exploration. There are sounds, words, and melodies that are synonynmous with intimacy. I've got a solid list of cd's that can run from start to finish and keep your stroke strong.
Try these

R.Kelly - TP-2
Maxwell - Urban Hang Suite
D'Angelo - Voodoo
Jodeci - Diary of a Mad Band
Norah Jones - Come Away With Me
Miles Davis - Kind of Blue

Food- Women love a guy who can cook. Several foods lend themselves to increased levels of sexual enrichment.
Try these dishes
Grilled Salmon with vodka/butter sauce over a bed of fresh uncooked spinach leaves and roasted potatos
Filet Mignon topped with 2-3 grilled shrimp surrounded by scallops and a white wine sauce. Add asparagus for the veggie side

Champagne - I only use two; Rosa Regale and Veuve Clicquot, demi-sec. Most women prefer a sweeter champagne to a dry brut. I don't know what it is about the bubbly, but I swear it makes them really comfortable. Its all on you from here buddy boy.
PS- If she asked for a massage, offer to start with her feet. Tell her she has to let you; no excuses. If she denies she's either got a pair of busted feet or she's not a woman who appreciates the finer things in life; she in-turn won't appreciate you. Moving right along...

FYI - P.O.L.O, Players Only Live Once, been reppin since 1999; long before Young Dro stole it for the title of his 2nd album.

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