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Sunday, February 12, 2012

What I've learned from my travels (Philosophy)

-In Amsterdam
Things aren't always as they seem.  Sometimes you've got to peel back the onion to reveal what really lies beneath. Illustration: The city attracts commerce because sex and drugs sell.  Merchants with late hours, selling 'stoner snacks' are able to capitalize on the vices of the tourista flocks.

-In London
Those with the least, share the most.  Illustration: As is the case with most other developed major cities throughout the world, the poor parts of town were the most diverse.

-In Tokyo
God is real.  The power of the Almighty must never be ignored. Illustration: As tsunami waves demolished town ships to the north, 40 story buildings swayed and rocked in Tokyo.  Aftershocks will forever remind me of the reality of everyday struggle.

-In Negril 
Paradise comes at a price. Illustration: Those who can afford to visit or relocate here are the very ones who support the lives of the natives.  We are either going to live within our means [natives]or we will have to work hard to earn enough to experience the lifestyle.  The harder we work, the longer the hours.  Long hours lead to isolation from family and friends. To get to paradise they'll sacrifice their time. [non-natives]

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