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Friday, March 25, 2011

Is it all a dream???

Do you wonder how certain people always seem to make power moves?  Think of that guy, the one who regularly slides in and out of town.  He's hitting up the hottest restaurants.  He's got what appears to be a higher swagger composition than most.  So what's swagger?

1.   Rocking a custom suit in the club, turning model heads while having drinks passed your way.
2.   Speaking multiple languages
3.   Never once mentioning what you do for a living because your other interests are far more appealing
4.   Ordering food items that aren't listed on the menu
5.   Making people laugh at your stories
6.   Tipping doormen, bartenders, barbers, waitresses, flight attendants, drivers and dry cleaners
7.   Smiling and speaking to older people
8.   Firm handshakes
9.   Drinking the appropriate wine with your meal
10. Winning

In my view swagger is a combination of confidence and risk preference.  Life is a risky journey.  We often find reasons to avert risk.  "I'm not comfortable leaving my own state to travel, let alone consider leaving the country!"

The well travelled man has so many advantages over those who sit still-----a rolling stone gathers no moss.

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