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Monday, October 25, 2010

Thoughts on marriage

Marriage is the culmination of man's acceptance of his eventual demise.  The sooner that men realize this time tested fact, the better your lives will be.  We marry because of what we will need from a woman for our future, not necessarily what we need from them in the present.  Think about it.  Old men love to tell stories of the great times of their youth.  Hopefully they have produced children who will listen intently to these stories---this is why men marry.  Its all about constructing a reality for our later years.  Stop thinking that you need to marry young before the woman that you're seeking gets scooped up by someone before you.  It doesn't matter, because if you are smart enough you can have any woman that you could ever want.  The key is reaching a place where you no longer pursue a woman, but the women pursue you.  

Man must only do what has been required of him since the beginning of time----survive.


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