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Monday, August 18, 2008

A gentleman never has a bad day

It should be noted that a gentleman is a man capable of capitalizing on choices and options. Men generally have the ability to keep themselves out of trouble, provided they listen to their inner gentleman voice.

1. Always speak in a tone that commands attention while also creating intrigue. It makes people want to listen to you.

2. Dress as if you are proud of your personal style and appearance. Confidence is expressed by the risks that you take in your clothing choices.

3. Always maintain eye contact with people when you speak to them. Especially with women. Women pay a great deal of attention to the eyes. Its easier to persuade someone to do what you want when you maintain solid eye contact.

4. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Stand by your words as well as your actions.

5. Avoid seeking approval from people who know less than you about given matters. Its easier to seek forgiveness.

6. Smile often. But no toothy grinning! A simple smirk is often quite effective in maintaining a sense of control.

7. Keep a decent shine on your shoes. In addition to eyes, women always look at a man's shoes.

8. Keep up your grooming habits. Keep the hairs in your nose, ears and eyebrows trimmed. Don't forget the finger and toenails.

9. Read newspapers of cities outside of your immediate city of residence. If you live in Florida, read the NY Times. If you live in NY, read the LA Times.

10. Try to limit your TV viewing to less than 2-3 hours a day. Instead find ways to exercise your mind. Crossword puzzles, writing out a list of goals, fix something that's broken--- continue to stretch your brain.

11. Diversify your food tastes. Sample different cuisines.

12. Start a conversation with someone that you don't know. You may be able to bring a smile to someone's face who could be far worse off than you.

13. If you own them, find a better use for your trendy T-shirts; Ed Hardy, Affliction and Christian Audigier. They may be better suited as doggie pads or cleaning rags.

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