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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Millenium Falcon "She's the fastest ship in the fleet!"

So I was tooling around in Target and I saw something that I had to have! As a kid, I remember celebrating Christmas with friends whose parents had more money than mine. I think it was 1982. My friend got one, I wanted it so bad.
I damn near bought it.....for my sons.....and me.
You can buy it HERE


steve lurkel said...

dude, this Legacy Collection MF is bigger and better than the original. if you do end up getting one, just make sure you've got plenty of space (it's larger than the box would lead you to believe.)

Dick Goodnuts said...

re: I bet... it's like $140! I bought a Vader helmet and replica lightsaber last year. It is sweet though

steve lurkel said...

yeah, mine was $159 (incl tax) when I picked it up two weeks ago.

ME said...