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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good eats, good treats

I've been doing a lot of traveling as of late and I thought I'd share some places that you may want to try if you are ever in search of some damn good food, which is usually something that tends to make me smile.

Washington D.C. - Ben's Chili Bowl
Try a local favorite chili half-smoke; and don't forget the pink lemonade. Be prepared to laugh because the staff will have you rollin! Cowboy fans beware, you won't be well received here.

Oxford, Mississippi - Old Venice Pizza Company
Order the Boudreaux sandwich, it will make you want to kiss the waitress.

Brooklyn, New York - Junior's Restaurant
You may remember that Diddy made wannabe rappers 'Da Band' walk from Manhattan to Brooklyn for cheesecake. Yes...it's that good! Get the chicken wings too.

Clarksdale, Mississippi - Ground Zero
Best fried catfish in the south.

Memphis, Tennessee - Rendezvous Ribs and Restaurant
A rack will do you right, please don't ask for a grilled cheese sandwich.

Covington, Virginia - Cucci Pizzeria (pronounced coochie)
Don't dwell on the name; order a meatball sub.

Orlando, Florida - Samba Room
Everything on the menu is good. The eye candy makes it taste even better.

Shreveport, Louisiana - Podnuh's Bar-BQ
Can't go wrong with texas toast and messy bbq.

Hoboken, New Jersey - Cafe Michelina
Any dish with vodka sauce will make you smile.

Scottsdale, Arizona - Giligin's Sand Bar & Shrimp Hut
Chicken tenders basket goes well with the midget entertainment

Tallahassee, Florida - Guthrie's
Chicken tenders go well with drunk FSU co-eds

Albuquerque, New Mexico - KnockOuts
Great bar, go easy on the Jameson

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